Do you find being a mother & enterpreneur far too demanding? 
Do you struggle combing all those different tasks, deadlines, roles & expectations?  

Do you suffer with feeling overwhelmed, running around like crazy, not knowing what to do 1st, not having time for the most important: yourself? 
Does the endless “to do list” often make you feel anxious, regretful & “not being enough”? 

I know all this so well myself! 
Also, I know how hard it can be to face this alone! 
In the past 10 years, I have been the breadwinner, freelancer & a mother of 3! 
I have gone through so much in search of the right balance: I felt depressed, anxious & “bad mother”.    

  I felt I cannot excel in my business the same way those without kids can do... 

I am here to support you, stand next to you & guide you through the transformative process of change that leads to living your authentic, balanced self & find the right balance in your life/business. 

Work with me if you want to feel full of energy,          and satisfied with your business and life again!

Book FREE 20 minutes           discovery call! 

Join my 1:1 mentorship program: start implementing your dreams and bring who you really are into your business & family every-day reality. 


You will go deep to explore those concrete areas of your life that need your attention the most. 
You will identify those that need you to focus on to recover, let the energy flow again & heal to move forward. 


We will meet regularly online. Through energy work, manifestation, working with the whole-self: listening to the signals of the body, mind & soul, breath work, using visualisation & meditation you will experience and truly understand what needs to happen so that you feel the right balance and satisfaction in your work-life (as we all know this comes from within, not outside J). 

You will receive a workbook with key questions to follow up after each of the 9 sessions. 
I will hold the energetic space for you all throughout the process & design specific tools e g affirmations, audios, meditations only for you that you will be able to use throughout & beyond the program.  

Results guaranteed! 

In 12 weeks, you will get
SPACE to find out what has been stopping you 
HEALING of those pains & past experience that haven’t been cared for 
UNDERSTANDING of where you need to go & what you need to do (yes, the famous action steps!)                                                                                                                                                                  
MOTIVATION to continue what you’ve started

CLARITY in what is important & what are the priorities for you (and not for anybody else!) 

ACT & live the balanced life you’ve been dreaming about!

JOY from seeing concrete, tangible results! 

Not sure the program is for you? 

Joint the program, if you: 
Are a mompreneur: mother & enterpreneur exhausted from trying to balance the two 
Feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, stressed & don’t want to struggle alone any more 
Are ready for alignment: taking your business & life to another level! 
Believe that being a happy, successful, fulfilled mom & entrepreneur is totally possible! 

How can we work together? 

Find your work-life balance in 12 weeks program for 2 050 EUR (possible to pay in 2 parts or 1025 EUR/month) 

  • / regular 1:1 coaching calls every 2 weeks: 6 x 90-minute coaching online session / 
    / affirmations, audios with visualisations/meditations tailored to your unique needs /  
    / workbook with practical, simple guidance to use your body & breath to ground you and make you focused whenever you need  / 
  • / worksheet with questions to follow up after each of the 6 calls  /
    / ongoing support all throughout the 12 weeks: you can contact me any time between 10 am – 6 pm workdays when needing a prompt answer or moral support  /

If you are still not sure whether the program is for you  

Book FREE 20 minutes           discovery call! 

My name is Petra. I am your personal work-life balance coach.
I come from a little country in the heart of Europe: Czech Republic. To be honest with you: I am a workoholic! It has always been important for me to do what I love: to make a difference!   
My drive, desires & motivation brought me to work with different clients all around the Globe. I loved working with different charities, start-ups, universities and corporate clients! I love the diversity!  
My main focus has always been supporting the most vulnerable women and girls. I got to believe the knowledge is a key to empowerment. That is why I spent most of my life designing & managing education projects and programs, supporting under-privileged women and girls.  
I have been a digital nomad big part of my life. I’ve travelled a lot for my work and worked-lived in Prague, London, Addis Ababa, Delhi & Colombo.  
I’ve experienced being an employee as well as employer. I’ve run my own business since 2010 and, thanks to being my own CEO, I was able to build that right work-life balance especially when I became a mom. 
Having kids in my life was a big milestone! Even though I was 31 when my first son was born, I felt I was not ready for that! Being the breadwinner, I found it really hard to keep up with my work tempo and be a “good mother” (which is a big deal in my culture!), at the same time.  
There were times I felt I cannot handle: I was working through the nights and weekends; I was taking work-trips abroad breastfeeding in the plane ...
 Having 3 small kids so close to one another (nowadays they are 10, 8, 5) and be there fully for my clients lead me to anxiety, depression and eventually burn-out. 
What really helped me were 3 things: 
/   having a mentor/coach that supported me, so I stayed focused & in line with my priorities    
                                                     /  never compromising time for myself and my hobbies: yoga, meditation, nature, puttingmyself 1st (which was truly hard!)
/   keep working on what I love: support & empower women: making a change!   
I’ve learnt that working with the whole self is the key (NOBODY knows what you are going through: what you miss & need, only yourself!).
I apply holistic approach in my coaching: work with the unique and authentic self-formed by body, mind & soul.  
I am here to support you (not only) to pay credit to all those great mentors and coaches who helped me when I needed the most!

What do my clients say?

„Petra is a very caring and friendly coach who always manages to create a safe environment where it is easy to open. I appreciate her patience and giving me the time to clear my mind without making me feel rushed. I've been working with Petra for the past 8 months on a monthly basis and I have been making significant progress with my core topic. Hence, the action steps that we are defining at the end of every session really makes a difference. If you are looking for a calm, warm coach who can navigate you through your challenge(s) and surprise you with powerful questions, I recommend Petra!“
Liis TsugartMarketing & Communications Manager at Heraeus Precious Metals
„If you are looking for somebody who will create a space for you so you can finally hear your thoughts, understand your actions and figure out why things are happening the way they do, Petra is the best person you can reach! Using amazing tools and coaching techniques she brings her clients from where they are now to where they really want to be. Only after a few sessions with her you can feel the real difference which is not something that comes and goes but something that will remain with you for good. Truly recommend!“
Ewelina Szeratics ACC ICF CoachI take HR managers from burnout to finding their next career move in 6 months
„Petra is exceptionally insightful and patient. While her support is always gentle and her advice subtle, it is clear both come from a strong and grounded woman. She is someone who attentively listens and can connect easily with you and your struggles, not only thanks to her empathy and intelligence, but also because she herself is figuring out the many challenges life brings. During our sessions together, I always felt a sense of equality and respect, no judgement, no clichés. Petra’s couching style is as authentic as she is herself. Our conversation helped me during a challenging time, and I am glad I had the chance to work with her.“
Tereza PorybnáCreative producer

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